Winnebagoland Musky Club

  Focused on conservation and the pursuit of the elusive Musky

The 1st Club Outing of 2023 

The first outing for the WMC is being held Saturday and Sunday May 13th and 14th. We will be fishing both Little Green Lake near Markesan and Fox Lake. We will have a lunch get-together at noon at Lake View Inn which is on Little Green Lake. We have held our lunch here before. If your fishing on Fox, plan to interrupt your actual fishing and travel to Lakeview. We ask each person pay $5 for the lunch to the Club, and the Club will pay the balance and tip. Any launching fees are on the angler. We ask that you pay for any alcohol you drink separately. Please contact Dave LaPine (920-579-5932) to let us and restaurant know on or before May 11th. Our “First of the Outing” trophy will be in play again this year. Briefly, you must call in as soon as possible your catch and release information. Your call in or text to Jerry at 920-517-0392 is the time stamp entry. The first entry wins, and a photo is also needed. Utilize voicemail if no answer.

The Club held it's 1st outing of the Year on May 14-15, 2022 at three different lakes, Little Green Lake, Big Green Lake and Fox Lake.  And yes, muskies were caught and released.  All were caught on Little Green Lake Saturday morning.

  • Steven Feustel ---  45" 
  • Tommy LaPine --- 44.5"
  • Eric Larsen --- 39"
  • Lance Zimmer --- 38"
  • Scott Klapperich --- 36.25"

Did you catch a musky?

Email the information to 

Beth Maeder at


Fill out this card and give it to her. 


No later than 14 days after your catch.

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Veteran Brad Kopish caught a musky under the guidance of Charlie LaPine at the annual Operation Winnebagoland Muskies in Sep2021 at Three Lakes 12Sep21.

Scott Klapperich caught this massive musky during the Operation Winnebagoland Muskies pre-fish on Three Lakes, 9Sep21.

Nice try...

Owen Ziemer caught this 24.25" musky on on a Twisted Sister on Lac Vieux Desert prefishing the Alliance Tournament.  

His personal best...  Way to go Owen!!!

Aaron Bilitz caught this skinny 34.5" musky July 3rd on North Twin Lake in Vilas County on a bucktail fishing with Lance Ziemer.

The fish has a deformity/injury from being caught previously is his guess.  It was missing a good portion of its lower jaw on the right side. 

Bob Haase caught this 52" musky July 3rd  on the French River in Ontario on a LeLure Back Thumper surface bait. Wow! That must have been a site to see this monster explode on the surface.

Cotton Lam caught this 43" musky.

Charlie LaPine caught thsi 36" musky at the annual Operation Winnebagoland Muskies in Sep2021 at Three Lakes with the help of a few vets on 11Sep21.

Wyatt Ziemer caught this 41.25 musky on a bulldawg during the Alliance Tournament on North Twin Lake.  Another personal best... Way to go Wyatt!!!

Jennifer Klein caught this 37" tiger musky July 6th in Oneida County on ...good looks (no lure details provided).

Tom LaPine caught this 45" musky July 3rd trolling on Lake Poygan for walleye.  Quite the fight on 10# test line. 

That's two big musky caught by Club members trolling on Poygan in two weeks. Hmmm

Sam Stoebel caught this 47.5" musky on Little Green Lake.

Wyatt and Lonny Ziemer caught some nice northern pike during our recent outing.

Lance Ziemer  - Check out Lance's 54.25" musky caught on the Peshtigo River on May 25th, 2019. 

The musky was successfully released. Lance plans on getting a replica made at some point. There was no guide involved, he was fishing with friends Aaron Bilitz, and Dan Walker. This was the 3rd year that Lance had gone up there for a day on opening weekend. Last year Aaron caught a 37", but that was their only musky up there until now. This 54 incher was caught on a Dadson Lazer bucktail. 

What a beast!   

                 (Lance, you are a beast too : )

2018 AWARD WINNERS at the 2019 BANQUET

Presented at the 2019 Banquet.

Fish of the Month for May

Luke Mueller: 38", Caught May 13 on Little Green Lake on a Jerk Bait


Fish of the Month for June

Mike Mueller: 36-1/2", Caught June 3 Little Green Lake on a Jake Bait


Fish of the Month for July

Dakota Krupp: 45", Caught July 4 on Little Green Lake on a Polish Perch

Also winner of the Youth Award


Fish of the Month for July (Tied with Dakota Krupp)

Jordan Peebles: 45”, Caught Eagle River Chain on a Poseidon

Also Most Released Muskies 45”, 45-1/2”, 39”, 38-1/4”, and 37” (five fish)

Fish of the Month for August

Eric Larson: 51", Caught August 25 on Bay of Green Bay on a bucktail

Also winner of Largest Fish of the Year, and Largest Fish of Wisconsin Award


Fish of the Month for September

Gregg Stubbe: 48", Caught September 1 on Bay of Green Bay on a #10 bucktail

Also 2nd Largest fish of Wisconsin Award


Fish of the Month for October

Jordan Peebles: 45-1/2", Caught October 13 on High Falls on a Magnum Super Dee


Fish of the Month for November

Mike Mueller: 46-1/2”, Caught November 3 on Bay of Green Bay on a Shad Rap


Largest Fish National Awards

Gregg Stubbe: 50-1/2”, Caught July 25 on Lake of the Woods on a Nite Walker


2nd Largest Fish National Awards

Teri Klapperich: 48”, Caught October 10 on Lake of the Woods on a Jake

Congratulations to all of these Musky Champions!! 

Make sure you register your fish with Harlan this coming year so you can get in on this record of honor.

Jordan Peebles' catches in 2018: 



2018 Muskies Caught

5/12 Wyatt Ziemer        37”    Little Green Lake                  Slammer Crank Bait    Club Outing

5/12 Colton Lamb         36”    Little Green Lake                                                      Club Outing

5/13 Luke Mueller         38”    Little Green Lake                  Bomber Jerk Bait         Club Outing

5/22 Richard Feustel    39"    Wabigoon Lake, Ontario       Bucher Bucktail

Carol Heffner caught a 39" musky on Pickerel Lake on a rainy Labor Day.

Way to go Carol!

Some pics from Scott Klapperich and Dik Suszek catching musky in Canada

Check out the 45" musky Jordan Peebles caught on Lake Poygan on a orange bucktail on July 2nd.

Send your pictures to

Did you hear about Harlan Hopp’s Perch Fishing Adventure?

If you have not heard the story, Harlan tells it so much better than printed words can describe but let me tell you a few of the details.

Harlan was out perch fishing last September with a bobber, a minnow on a #6 hook, with 8 pound test line on his spinning rod fishing in 12 feet of water. The bobber went down, he thought it was going to be a nice one so he set the hook and as Harlan says, “He was off to the races.” Harlan played the fish multiple times deep and shallow, under and around the boat giving him great looks at what it could be. After a long fight, Harlan managed to get the fish close enough to the boat that it could be netted. Harlan could not believe it, he caught a 46.5” tiger musky weighing about 30 pounds …all on his spinner rod and 8 pound test with a #6 hook. Who needs those expensive reals, rods, 120 pound test line with fluorocarbon leaders and multiple #12 treble hooks on 12 inch lures??? Let’s just perch fish with Harlan!

A number of people caught musky in August already.  Lake of the Woods, Canada produced a few...

Jenny Klein - 47.75"

Dik Suszek - 39 & 42"

Mark Klapperich - 47, 44, 43, & 40"

Dave LaPine - 34.5"

July 16th outing: 
Jared Langlitz caught a 48.5" musky trolling a buck tail on Poygan Lake. 
(Pictured is Jared and his Mom Amy holding the musky.)

June 10-12 Outing: 

Dave LaPine caught two muskies on Lac vioux Desert, June 17 and 18th.  

A 36" musky (left) Friday evening on a top raider and a 41" musky (right) Saturday morning on a black bucktail.

If you can't tell, Dave was exhausted after hauling in this one.  It was a fighter that took Dave for two trips around the boat and nearly broke his rod when the musky wrapped his rod around the boat motor.

Scott Klapperich

38" Musky caught on Little Green on 21May16

...a tourney WINNER

Mark Klapperich with his 40" musky caught on Little Green on 22May16 on Little Green.


Note:  All musky registrations must be submitted to Harlan Hopp via postcard.

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Mark Klapperich with another musky caught on  Little Green 29May16. This one a 36" musky also caught on a small black buck tail.